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What do i need to run a OTFBot?

OTFBot requires python, the additional package twisted and the pythonbindings for yaml to run. Some modules need some more, for example the kiMod needs megahal-python, or the feedMod needs python-feedparser.

What does the Name "OtfBot" mean?

OtfBot means “OtfBot the friendly Bot”. But in some cases it may mean “Off-Topic Forum Bot”, too …

Where can I see a running OtfBot?

Visit us in #otfbot at irc.libera.chat

Plugin XY has only german output!

Most of the coders are people from germany. so if you are annoyed by a plugin with german output, come to irc and ask us to translate it into english. The bot support gettext-i18n, so we want every string to be english and marked as translatable. Its just a matter of time, until its done for all plugins.

Help, there is no !help function

Indeed. This is because the bot has a very modular structure, so a !help function could not tell you about all plugins.

Have a look at the Documentation and the API-Docs.

Many plugins have commands which are easy to guess, i.e. the moon.py plugin provides the !moon command, and the eightBall.py provides !8ball.

And of course the latest and most recent documentation is the source-code of the plugins. Use the source, luke.