Tested Plugins

Here should be documented which plugins where (successfully) tested and what was tested / what was not tested (if appliable)


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Plugin Date git commit tested what was tested what was not tested
commands 2010/08/28 1269a80174decb7093e2bc96d3a2ff309e20b6c7 !command → /me … :text → public message
tv 2010/08/28 5fc6608c4c33443083697b57740dcd7b915b1caf every command listed in !tv help
google 2010/08/28 733b28e51fd8105b697b2bf78e2d53e8e10f0073 !googlefight
version 2010/08/30 13d3e0bcd42723a33a75c245da9a94840b111fc8 !version
math 2010/08/30 66ac40598e580cddb08adcf2845ac10225d8ecf7 !wuerfel
tictactoe 2010/09/06 878238d337545571c9980fd84c03671b2ece574b !xo
mirror  2010/09/03 0ed3ec4fabff9dca97457b25716ce7906f714ae5 mirroring one channel to one other channel  —
feed  2010/09/06  33c70661a6e18558ff088a4d9addce0f78940387 posting headlines from ATOM feed
url 2010/10/02 4779822ba3d3ad6b0c49114ba8b7cc91889105d4 tinyurl & preview
timediff 2010/10/29 7c05cbd8b780e875b139285e5625a590907a04d0 timediff & time
vote 2010/10/29 7c05cbd8b780e875b139285e5625a590907a04d0 newvote + voting