Jabber (XMPP)

The bot can use a jabber account. to do so:

  1. make sure you have python-wokkel installed
  2. enable the xmppClient service in config
    • add some xmppClient plugins in main.xmppClientPlugins list
    • add some ircClient plugins in main.xmppClientIRCPlugins list (experimental). be aware most ircClient plugins are not tested for xmppClient.

using ircClient plugins

xmppClient tries to simulate irc-queries for ircClient plugins. this is experimental, this means it can work with a plugin, maybe it does not work. Just try it and give feedback. the settings of the ircClient plugins are stored in the pseudo-ircnet “xmpp” in the irc-network-config layer.

The ircNet “xmpp” must have main.enabled=false, because else the ircClient service will try to connect to the net.

working plugins

  • moon
  • weather
  • ki
  • ddate
  • version
  • youtube
  • tv (sometimes, sometimes not. needs debugging and cleanup)
  • log (logs jabber conversions to xmpp-jid/resource/date.log as queries)

not working plugins

  • google (encoding issue)
  • math (sendme)
  • url (encoding)
  • reminder (“decoding Unicode is not supported”)
  • tictactoe (sendmsg coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, list found)
  • commands (sendme, 'Bot' object has no attribute 'channels')
  • auth (missing user_list)
  • controlIRC (useless without auth)

not appliable

These plugins have no sense with jabber:

  • marvin (it's for chatrooms)
  • statisticts
  • autorejoin
  • feed (it posts to channels. maybe adapt to allow feed → query?)
  • mode