Available Plugins For IrcClient Service


name short description
feed posts headlines from newsfeeds.
weather displays weather reports.
youtube search for a phrase on youtube and return a videolink
tv displays the tv-schedule.
url displays the title of urls and creates tinyurls.
version provides a !version command
math simple calculator and dice function.
moon display moon-phase
reminder provides a !remind command.
seen provides infos about when a certain user was last seen.
quotesfromweb get funny and meaningful quotes from the web
svn posts new commits of a svnrepository.
kurs check your stock.
log logs the chat in an irssi compatible format. ideal for using with pisg.
identica post to an identica microblog


name short description
eightBall predicts answers to your questions like a magic 8-Ball.
karma allows the users to vote for/against things.
ki use an artificial intelligence to chat with users. supports megahal and niall A.I.


name short description
tictactoe plays Tic-Tac-Toe.


name short description
auth provides a very simple authentication method, used by other modules
autorejoin rejoin after kick. Use at your own risk.
controlIRC allows configuration via IRC.
identify identify to nickserv and set the +b(ot) flag.
human allows the user to control the bot with an IRC client. Depends on serverMod.


name short description
answers answers to specific words in chat lines, given as regular expressions
badwords kick users for using bad words.
commands answers to !commands.
count provide statistic data via http
marvin complain on commands like marvin the paranoid android.
mirror mirror one channel to another, even across networks.
mode set modes on users, i.e autoop.